Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Real Food is Not "Alternative" Health Food

Real food is healthy food, not the imitation products that are created to trick us into buying them, thinking we are doing the healthy, right thing.

But what really bothers a lot of people is that real, actual food is often illegal, with chemical-laden ingredients and artificial processing considered the "norm." It may be the norm, all right, but now so are all the health problems that result from their use.

Driven by money, this industry isn't going to change soon, if at all. The pharmaceutical companies provide the money, which gives them the power to decide what is eaten and what is not. Even the Food & Drug Administration (FDA), which is supposed to be looking out for our safety, is under the thumb of "big pharma" and does nothing to protect the consumer from, well, Big Pharma.

Here is a video that explains the problem by spotlighting just one ingredient...blueberries.

What can we do? Just stop buying this stuff. Read the ingredients list!

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