Thursday, September 11, 2008

Alternative Health - the Propaganda

Anyone born in the last 100 years or so has been exposed to medical propaganda, in an attempt (mostly successful, by the way) to force everyone to believe that allopathic medicine is the only effective way to treat disease.

Of course, "treat" disease is the operative word (pun intended) for allopathy. Anything natural, which allopathy is not, is about preventing disease in the first place, because the primary interest is in promoting Health, not disease. Allopathic medical practitioners are lost without something to treat. The concept of prevention is beyond their realm of understanding.

Allopathic care depends completely on identifying an enemy so they can fight it with a "cure." And all maladies have to have names so they can look them up in their catalogs of drugs.

That's why I call today's medical care a "catalog practice." If it's not in the catalog, they don't know what to do.

Just watch the commercials on television. It seems that every few weeks someone comes up with a new "disease" so they can sell a new drug.

Remember, in allopathic medicine, you can't sell a drug for something unless it has a name. This allows it to be cataloged and charged out on insurance billings. And those companies wouldn't pay any attention to a treatment that doesn't have a code number so they can look it up in their own catalog and agree or disagree with a price.

How about "RLS," Restless Leg Syndrome? Or here's a new one: Nonrestorative Sleep. And how about Dead Jaw Syndrome? Or PAD (Peripheral Artery Disease)?

Sure, you may suffer from any of these groupings of symptoms, but to call it a disease is extremely questionable. And to cover it up with a drug is even worse, especially since most of these problems are caused by drugs in the first place.

Amazingly, most people don't even expect their allopathic doctor to fix anything. As long as it has a name, they're happy. I've even heard people say, "Well, at least now we know what it is!" Somehow, this satisfies them.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Alternative Health... It's All Backward!

In my opinion, what is known as "alternative health" today should be mainstream, while traditional allopathic medical care should be relegated to alternative status. In other words, things are backward.

For all the time humans have been on this planet, food was organic (no chemicals, radiation or genetic modification to make them grow bigger or faster to facilitate profits). Plants provided a large part of any "drug" treatment, and of course, pollution was seldom an issue. At least not significantly until the Industrial Age began.

Well, everything changed in the last couple hundred years, with the most drastic and worst changes taking place in the last 100.

Sure, many things are better: discovery of germs so we can deal with that, the "aha" awakening that cleanliness did more for the eradication of certain diseases than any vaccines, pills or potions, and the vast new knowledge of physiology and anatomy, along with the technology that allows better treatment of injuries and birth defects.

Certainly the medical profession has made huge strides in disease classification, identification and description, but it's all off balance. Many of them are virtually clueless about how to prevent or treat disease, naturally or any other way. They are all about covering up symptoms, not addressing causes. They are about sickness, not health.