Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Is Menopause a Disease?

Since when did menopause become a disease? It's a natural event in the life of a woman, and always has been. If it becomes problematic, the most common reason is that something in the body has gone out of balance. Adding drugs to the mix doesn't achieve balance.

Drugs have become the panacea for the treatment of all things that don't feel good. If anything hurts, take a drug. If you feel blue, take a drug. If you feel "too good," must be bipolar... take a drug. Legs feel funny? Take a drug. Can't sleep? Take drug. Can't wake up enough to focus on anything? Stomach acid? Bowels clogged? Losing hair? Depressed? Can't get pregnant? Don't want to get pregnant? MENOPAUSE? Take a drug.

If you want to normalize a normal physiological function, there are natural things you can do. You don't have to poison the body with chemicals that were never meant to be in there.

Quick story: When I was in chiropractic college, in my 20s, an older female student entered that time of life called menopause. She was miserable. But instead of taking drugs, she visited our on-campus clinic every day and received daily chiropractic adjustments, plus some nutritional counseling. She not only lost a little weight, but her menopausal miseries disappeared.

I never forgot that, and when that time of life arrived for me, I did not rush to the M.D. to get some hormones. I visited a chiropractic colleague and received spinal realignments several times a week. As a result, I never suffered anything more serious than a few overheated nights, but nothing like night sweats. I had some of the typical hot flashes during the day, but they didn't last long. And I never had any cramping or bloating or any other things I'd heard women complain about.

And, as a practicing chiropractor myself, I helped many women in my age group work their way through a more normal menopause.... without drugs!

It can be done, but few will look into it. It's not very lucrative for the medical profession to promote natural healing.