Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Amazing Human Machine

The most amazing machinery in the world isn't a nuclear reactor, an electron microscope, or the next space vehicle. It is the human body.

We don't even have to know how it works for it to function correctly and smoothly... as long as we don't interfere with the normal processes that make life possible. If this weren't true, then human life would have died out with the cave man, if not sooner.

Now that a lot of time has passed and humans have become smarter, we do know a lot about our bodies.. how and why they work, and, especially important at times, how to fix them when necessary.

Unfortunately, along with that recent knowledge has come arrogance. People designated as "doctors" think they have all the answers and are the only humans among us who are qualified to fix each other. They even think they are the only ones who can, and should be allowed to, discuss human functionality. If a so-called "lay person" learns anatomy and physiology from a book, it's not good enough. Only "real" doctors can read medical books and understand them. Didn't you know that?

Learning about the body doesn't make it function; however, "doctors" want to have that control. God-like creatures that they think they are, they *must* exert this control and squash anyone who threatens or questions it.

The body is a self-repairing, self-aligning organism that can take care of a wide array of problems that occur while moving about through our different environments.

Break a bone... it knits back together. We can help that process by making sure the ends are aligned and that the area is immobilized during the healing process, but we can't make the cells do what they must do. We can stop them, and people often do, but the healing function is automatic, and internal.

Running a fever? Time to "burn off" a germ, perhaps. It's the built-in, natural way to do that. There weren't any anti-inflammatory berry bushes around during the early days of our kind. Or perhaps there were. It's probably lost information now, though.

The point is that our bodies can and do, and always have been able to, heal themselves, whether we know what we're doing or not. In fact, not knowing can be the best approach, so we don't get in our own way to restore our health. History is replete with stories, now laughable, of "experts" of the times inflicting popular remedies of the day that resulted only in hastening one's death. Sadly, that still happens.

The problem now is that humans have gotten so smart they think they know it all and have decided that any expression of healing has to be stopped. Why? Because they are so smart they interpret some healing activity as disease or sickness.

Why aren't we allowed to have a fever? Why can't muscle spasms be handled correctly? And lord help you if you sneeze.

To get a feel for how bad this has become, just watch television commercials. No matter how one feels, there is a drug for it, along with a brand new name for the condition to give it credence and official status as a disease.

Even feeling too good must be a disease, as they have drugs for that, too. It was called manic-depressive in the old days, now known as bipolar disease. Too happy? Take this drug. Depressed? Take this drug.

Legs feel restless? Here's a drug.

Sneezing is a very normal bodily response to clear respiratory passages, but sneezing is not allowed anymore. It's not bad enough that you need to be blessed to survive one, but nowadays, sneezing is considered the onset of a cold or something worse... but who knows what? Kill it before it multiplies.

Coughing? Not allowed. Headaches? Not allowed. Never mind that they are symptoms of an underlying condition. Turn off the alarms to put out the fire?

You're only allowed to live a dull, lifeless, robotic physical existence. Anything less or more requires a drug.

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