Friday, December 28, 2007

Alternative Health Questions answered here

Welcome to my new blog where you can feel free to ask questions or offer comments about any health issues. It doesn't mean I have all the answers... not sure anyone does... but I have a lot of experience working with people over the last 30 years or so, as we pursued different ways to achieve better health, focusing, of course, on natural means. My background as a chiropractor has provided me with an educational perspective for the natural approaches, and my years in practice have given me firsthand experience with results, responses and reactions from people (plus a few, not experiments... my pets).

I have always tried to be diplomatic and usually found myself treading lightly around current, traditional methods and beliefs so as not to irritate or annoy anyone. But I'm retired now, so it doesn't matter so much anymore. If anything I say annoys you, you know what to do. It's called clicking to another site. But I would suggest, rather, that any "new" ideas be investigated before being tossed as trash. One thing I've noticed in the last 30 years is that many procedures or concepts introduced by alternative doctors, such as chiropractors... including myself... are now considered mainstream. Funny how we thought of those things first, but now that the "real" doctors say it's OK, it's finally OK.

From time to time, I will also tell you about the latest health news, as I hear about it, and I'll also tell you about some interesting, fantastic or just plain useful stuff you might want to look into for yourself.

See you here again soon!

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